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Thinking about Owning a Horse, Begin with a Lease First.

Maui Horses for Lease

All leasing programs require a minimum of 12 months commitment.  We include a locker, all tack needed (saddle, pads, bridle, girth), farrier service, feed/supplements/hay, bedding, and riding lessons (number of lessons weekly will depend on which program you select).  Some programs include extra day to ride on your own or on a trail ride with prior approval from owner.  All leased horses are required to stay at Kahalawai Farms & Stables and exclusively train with our trainer.  Clinics and workshops are often organized on property for additional cost.  They are great opportunities to expand your equine knowledge. No lessons during the month of July and two weeks in December and January.  Leased horse is still available for riding. Lessons do not roll over if not used.  If Lease Horse does get hurt or sick, Lessee is expected to help with continued care of Leased Horse with but not limited to grooming, giving medicine, changing bandages, etc.  All Tack must be replaced if damaged and cleaned after use.

Casual Lease:    $375

This program includes 2 lessons a week on selected horse.  Lessons must be scheduled during the week (Monday thru Friday) with trainer.  Group lessons (1 hour) or private lessons (30 minutes) are available based on rider level. 

Partial lease:    $475

Includes the casual program with one additional day to ride on your own.  Any off-property trail rides must be approved 4 days in advance by horse owner.  Partial Lessee will have a total of 3 days of riding a week.  Partial Lessees will have priority for showing or competing horse or using horse in clinics or workshops.  Additional cost may apply to participate in these activities.

Full Lease:    $800

Includes 3 lessons (30 min Private or group) a week including 2 additional days of riding on your own.  Any off-property trail rides or other activities must be approved 4 days in advance by horse owner.  Full Lessee will have a total of 5 days of riding a week.  Horses leased in this program will be available for showing, competition, clinics, workshops, or off-property clinics or shows.  Additional cost may apply.

Meeting Our Horses:


Quarter Horse, 2001

Novice/Experience Adult

1st level Dressage

2'0" hunter/jumper



Akhal Teke, 2003

Novice Yg Rider/ Adult

Training level Dressage

18" hunter/jumper



Quarter Horse, 2003

Novice/Experience adult

2nd level Dressage

2'6" hunter/jumper



Akhal Teke, 1996

young rider/petite adult

2nd level Dressage

No Jumping



Appendix, 2007

Experience Rider

Training Level Dressage

No Jumping

Call or text for availability and set up an appointment. (808) 385-6265 or email

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