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Meet Our Trainer:


Marla Braun-Miller, Owner and Trainer

Marla Braun-Miller has been riding horses since she was a young girl growing up in Tahiti where she excelled in Jumping.  In college, she joined the University of Denver Equestrain Club, which competed in IHSA (Intercollegiate Hunter Show Association).  Marla received many ribbons and high point awards and competed in Regional Championships.  In 1999 after graduating, Marla began training and showing Paint Horses in Reining and Hunters.  She competed at the 2000 APHA (American Paint Horse Association) World Show in Fort Worth, Texas and finished Reserve Champion in Hunter/Jumper Class.  

It has always been her dream to continue honing her riding skills.  However, when moving back to Maui at the end of 2000, Marla had to take a break from riding because there were no facilities in Lahaina.  Finally things changed and the opportunity to purchase Ag land in Lahaina allowed Marla to start riding again and begin owning horses.  

In 2005, Dressage came back into Marla's life but this time was different and changed the way she rides and trains horses today.  It was true inspiration!  NA LIO MAUI  was conceived.  In 2006, one of Marla's riding coaches planted the seed of telling the story of the Horse in Hawaii.  As curiosity about this story grew, she discovered how a gift became a beautiful lifestyle and tradition to the Hawaiian People.  But it wasn't until the end of 2013 that a serious commitment was taken to bring this story to life with the help of the horses of Kahalawai Farms & Stables.  Sadly, the show ended after the summer of 2017.  


Despite ending the show, Marla continues to teach and train horses and students of all ages and experiences.  Her riding foundation is Dressage but applied to all riding disciplines.  Her goal is to have you enjoy riding and connect with the horses. "We are riders not passengers" she often tells her students.  Horses are great teachers at keeping us grounded.

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